The work of AtelierFORTE is ranging from Land Art and Architecture to Sculpture and Design, through Drawing, Painting, Photography and Video. All these elements come together generating a new style, called ArkiZoic Era, described in 7 basic rules.

AtelierFORTE is in Milan and is open for visits.

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2467-Ptero III - 2297 - Storming of the Bastille

2297-Storming of the Bastille. Performance with 2467-Ptero III at Reggia di Caserta. The Storming of the Bastille in Paris, on afternoon of July 14 1789, is considered the beginning of the French Revolution.

ArkiZoicProject 2016

ArkiZoic Project 2016 - L

1-12 August 2016

Twelve days in GrythyttanHallefors, among large lakes and vast forests of Sweden. ArkiZoicProject is a unique opportunity to learn how to work with wood and built using traditional Swedish techniques. A Swedish Stuga or a big Art sculpture will be built during the workshop. Part of the time will be spent in exploration of the area, including more than 400 lakes and its characteristic wildlife fauna. The workshop aims at bringing nature to art, architecture and design, as in the ArkiZoic style rules, that talk about architecture inspired by natural evolution of living beings. Work days will alternate with the bright Scandinavian nights and the traditional ritual of the sauna, which is called Bastu. The cost of the workshop is 900 € and includes food, accommodation, transfers, guided tours and all necessary materials to work. During the month of July, a meeting at AtelierFORTE in Milan will introduce students to the workshop and Sweden. The minimum number of students is 7 and the maximum 13.

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ArkiZoic Project 1583

Biologiska Museet

From 23 April to 12 June 2016 - 11:00 - 16:00.

Solo exhibition in the Biologiska Museet, in Stockholm.

Biologiska Museet is a museum located in Stockholm near Nordiska Museet and Wasa Museet. It's part of SKANSEN, a open air museum grounded in 1891. Inside there is a fabulous Diorama in 360° created by artist Bruno Liljefors showing Scandinavian wildlife. The museum, inspired by medieval Norwegian stave churches was opened in 1893.

The Exhibition is showing the 13 years work in the Swedish forest in the Hällefors municipality near the old town of Grythyttan. Every year a new architecture-sculpture grow in the forest, the synergy between man and nature build year after year a land-art project.

The Biologiska Museet is the perfect place to show this relationship between man and nature.

The exhibition follow the first 26 prime numbers from 2 to 101. The number 2 is the TROLL IV that welcomes visitors on the entrance steps, and PTERO II numbered 101 is the  the last sculpture visible in the diorama. A map with all the numbers guides visitors to all the works.



Poster, exhibition map, works list and short biography:

ArkiZoic Project Biologiska .pdf

StugaProject-13Years .pdf




In occasione del pre-salone AtelierFORTE organizza URSUS! Evento che si svolgerà nel pomeriggio di Domenica 10 aprile dalle 15:00 alle 21:00.

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Programma teatrale della Nave dei Folli:
- PENSAVO FOSSE AMORE E INVECE AVEVI IL GATTO - un reading di amore, odio, fusa, graffi e miagolii...
di e con Giulio Valentini.
- LA SUPER CASALINGA di e con Roberta Paolini.

Programma musica @ laboratorio piano terra:
Dj set____Infinite Layers of Reality aka Lusbek.
Live set__Infinite Layers of Reality + Davide Santi & Irina Solinas.
[drum machine, synthesizers] + [violin & cello]

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Archive of most important Works from 1989 to present.

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