ArkiZoic Land ART Path

- Y: 2019

Discover all the 18 Scultures and Installations hidden in the Swedish Forest. A path created in 16 years by Duilio Forte.



Hällefors Municipality: 59°44’19.6″N 14°41’11.2″E

Olaus Magno – Cartha Marina 1539

The ArkiZoic Land ART Path divided in 6 steps start in Grythyttan and end in Södra Hyttan Bok Loppis (Hjulsjö). Complete visit time about 2 hours, 28 km.

Land ART Path Map
1. Grythytte Kvarn:

Exhibition from 25 July to 19 August 2019: ArkiZoic Project V 66221.

2. Lake Spiken:

Sleipnir Spiken II 1559, floating in the lake Spiken the position is changing with time (2014).

3. Spikhyttan:

1.Ekeberg 1747, a small little sauna, First prize in Milano in 1994 at Permanente.

2. XXStuga 1571, a extra small little Stuga the concept of a tent in the shape of a little hut (2003).

3. Lindesberg 3299, a little Stuga model c, in collaboration with the House of Design in Hällefors (2004).

4. Spiv 10099, a nice Sauna inspired by the shape of a half boat (2006).

5. Spiken 1499, a little Stuga for overnighting in the forest in a nice and hight safe position (2007).

6. Drakkar Yggdrasill 11149, a wooden skeleton representing a viking ship with inside the sculpture Yggdrasill Steneby in welded steel (2009).

7. Sleipnir Ratatoskr 2803, a high tower shaped in the classical Sleipnir form (2010)

8. Sleipnir Musikanter 12211, a Sleipnir surmonted by two wolves and two crows (2011).

9. Sleipnir Automatum 10067, Sleipnir with a special motor powered by Human force (2011).

10. Bridge

11. Troll IV 16987, is the installation number 2 in the solo exhibition ArkiZoic Project 1583 at Biologiska Museet in Stockholm in 2016.

12. Sleipnir XLVIII Laterna 27697, inspired by the shadow play and realized in the 100 years of the birth of Ingmar Bergman (2018).

13. Forest Lander 12917, fireplace-sculpture (2019) 50 yerars of the man on the moon.

4. Lilla Hällsjön:

Gilmark 2207, a little Stuga in a magic shape looking to the Lilla Hällsjön lake (2005).

5. Hjulsjö:

Sleipnir Spiken 9923, moved from it’s original position, in lake Spiken, now it is located in proximity of the lake (2008).

6. Södra Hyttan:

Sleipnir Bok 13121, Sleipnir in the shape of a octagonal piramyd with inside a ecologisk WC and a lot of books (2013).
Turris pythagorica 1489 and Turris Pithagorica II 14891, a tower representing the four elemets of the Pithagoric thinking with four dragons garding the four elemets connected to the old iron industry: Earth, Air, Water and Fire (2015-2017).

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