Turris pythagorica 1489

DVID N: 1489 - Y: 2015 x 13,47 m

StugaProject 2015 – 31 July to 11 August 2015 – Södra Hyttan, Hjulsjo, Hällefors

AF1453 (FILM)

XIII edition of the workshop StugaProject. The site is a old Foundry, Hytta in Swedish. The main Hytta or Masugn is a building with a square base in granite. The Land Art work Turris pythagorica, placed on the granite base, remember the four elements, Hearth, Water, Air and Fire involved in the production of Iron. The four elements are represented by the Tetractys, a Pythagoreans figure based on a equilateral triangle consisting of ten points arranged in four rows. Each row is one of the elements, starting from the base we have Hearth then Water, Air and at the top Fire. In the Turris pythagorica two Tetractys are combined in a squared pyramid that is the base of the spire that measure at the top 13,47 m.

Special thanks to SHOIF, Södra Hyttan association, Brita Sandeval and Örjan Fredriksson.