ArkiZoic Project 1583

DVID N: 1583 - Y: 2016


Solo exhibition in the Biologiska Museet, in Stockholm. From 23 April to 12 June 2016 – 11:00 – 16:00.
An exhibition curated by Patrizia Coggiola, in collaboration with Biologiska Museum, Lars Erik Larsson Director. Collaborator: Daniela Pietrovna Addea.

Biologiska Museet is a museum located in Stockholm near Nordiska Museet and Wasa Museet. It’s part of SKANSEN, a open air museum grounded in 1891. Inside there is a fabulous Diorama in 360° created by artist Bruno Liljefors showing Scandinavian wildlife. The museum, inspired by medieval Norwegian stave churches was opened in 1893.

The Exhibition is showing the 13 years work in the Swedish forest in the Hällefors municipality near the old town of Grythyttan. Every year a new architecture-sculpture grow in the forest, the synergy between man and nature build year after year a land-art project.

The Biologiska Museet is the perfect place to show this relationship between man and nature.

The exhibition follow the first 26 prime numbers from 2 to 101. The number 2 is the TROLL IV that welcomes visitors on the entrance steps, and PTERO II numbered 101 is the  the last sculpture visible in the diorama. A map with all the numbers guides visitors to all the works.


Biologiska map-1600px


Poster, exhibition map, works list and short biography:

ArkiZoic Project Biologiska .pdf

StugaProject-13Years .pdf