URSUS in Love 1619

DVID N: 1619 - Y: 2016 - 00:06:09 UHD

URSUS in love is a short film (6′) directed by Duilio Forte. Part of the film is shoot inside the URSUS 1373 a wood installation inside the Exhibition “Rooms” by Beppe Finessi during the XXI Triennale 2016 in Milano.

NOTE: for Italians subtitles, clic on the CC box on the lower right corner of the video.

Cast: Karin – DANIELA IOTTI, Pontus – GIULIO VALENTINI, Cello Player – IRINA SOLINAS, First Tourist – DANIELE BOSSETTI, Second Tourist – RONALD FACCHINETTI, Tirdh Tourist – GIOVANNI MAGLIETTA. Directed and Edited by DUILIO FORTE. Written by DUILIO FORTE and GIULIO VALENTINI. Music Bach, Cello Suite No.1 in G major, BWV 1007, IRINA SOLINAS; Lost In The Forest DOUG MAXWELL / Media Right Production. Thanks to: ROBERTA MADDALENA, LA TRIENNALE DI MILANO, CARLO SCOLARI, SIMONE VAN GERVEN, DANIELA PIETROVNA ADDEA. All rights reserved – 2016 – AF XVIII.