LOGO AtelierFORTE 12497

DVID N: 12497 - Y: 1998


LOGO – AtelierFORTE’s logo is a summary of some of the fundamental characteristics: the three Cartesian axes, with a cube in the center to represent the three-dimensionality. At the same time the Logo represent the plan of a renaissance FORT, with its stellar ramparts and expansion in all directions of the three arrows. The triangular shape of the logo refers to the greek Delta letter (Δ), initial letter of the name DVILIVS (from duellum, archaic form of bellum, duel-war) . Delta (Δ), the fourth letter of the greek alphabet, evoke the term door, opening and passage. The letter Delta is based on a glyph of the alphabets of Middle Bronze Age, probably called dalt, ie door (delet in modern Judaism), based on a hieroglyph representing a port. (Wikipedia)


VIS is the acronym of Verum In Somnis, the Motto of AtelierFORTE. Verum In Somnis is Latin and means: reality in dreams. VIS in Latin means force, in analogy with the surname FORTE, adjective of forza, force. Forte in Italian means also fort, fortress.

Logo AtelierFORTE