Primo EM172 capsules

I share in this post how to build a stereo pair of microphones with two primo EM172 matched capsules and micro XLR connectors.


Here is the final result: two capsules connected to a 3.5 mm stereo jack.


I started from a copper pipe 12×1 mm with a inside diameter of 10 mm, compatible with the diameter of Primo EM172 capsules. I used a metric tread pipe M11 x 0.75 mm .


I inserted a male mini XLR in the copper pipe with a O ring to seal the pipe and give a grip to the microphone when you place it on a surface. On the left a female mini XLR for the connection with the stereo cable.


I inserted two small o rings inside the pipe at the ends of the white pvc spacer pipe. Remember to insert the two O rings before soldering the two cables!


A heat shrink wrap tubing is used to cover the copper pipe and to contain the Primo capsule inside the pipe. The next step is to insert the capsule, the pvc spacer with the two O rings inside the pipe and screw the male mini XLR.


The copper pipe give to the two microphones a nice heavy feel and avoid scratch sounds from holding them. I will create a second wiring with double XLR connection able to transform the phantom 48V to match the PIP requirements. You can find a nice project at Tom Benedict ‘s blog.


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