Super 8


 A new Film Wave in Milan in 8 steps.

1.History of Cinematography

Shadow play, Muybridge, Edison, Lumiere, Melies, Studio System, Sound era, TV and new formats, Autors, New Hollywood, THX and Dolby, Digital process, YouTube

2.Light, Photography and composition

Nature of Light, camera obscura, Magic Lantern, Film and ISO, Lenses and focal lenghts, Perspective and distortion, High key and Low Key

3.Sound and sound recording

Nature of Sound, Microphones, Digital sampling and recording, sounds levels, Digital editing

4.Digital camera functions and lenses

Digital sensors, camera formats and resolutions, Shutter speed, diaphragm and F stops, Digital sensors, Focus pulling

5.Camera shots, angles and mouvements

Differents shots, Transitions, Crane, dolly and slider, Aerial view and drones, Tripods and monopods, Gimbals, Hand tecniques, GoPro


From oral tradition to movies, 3 act form, Fairy tales and Propp

7.Film editing

Digital film editing, action continuity, transitions, titles, graphic effects, sound effects

8.Making a short movie

Create a story, screenplay and stoyboard, shot planning, in camera transitions, YouTube and Vimeo



AtelierFORTE 2021 – MMXXI – AF XXII

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